Our History and Results

You’re here because you want to do your homework, which is a GREAT STEP as you become an investor.

​You should ALWAYS do your due diligence and understand exactly who is on your team and all of the details about any investment opportunity.

​Done For You Real Estate USA has been in the business of real estate investing for nearly 10 years. Our team consists of individualized specialized in every part of the investment process from start to finish.

​From finding the property, to financing the property, to putting insurance and all of the necessary coverage in place, through re-selling the property – our team does it all.

That’s why we called it “Done For You Real Estate.”

​As an investor, you can choose to be as ACTIVE or as PASSIVE as you want to be based on your current situation.

​You can follow along with every part of the deal, stay connected to your project manager, and know exactly what’s happening at any given moment.

​You can also meet with our team once and come back when it’s time to sign paperwork.

Our community of investors has many of both of these types of investors.

​The other difference between our team and others is that we are completely transparent about our numbers.

Via our Deal Tracker, or the annual reports here on this page, we share ALL OF THE DATA about how our properties are performing and have performed historically.

You will see EXACTLY what markets and type of properties we feature. You can also see WHY we’ve chosen them all the way down to the individual deal level.

You’re invited to review our overview and each of these reports to understand ourcompany history indetail.

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