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Done For You Real Estate has a team of dedicated professionals who are tasked to finding properties in our chosen markets that fit our very carefully defined investment property. Many properties are purchased at auction by Done for You Real Estate, and many are sourced through our agents searching the MLS, short sales, foreclosures, FSBO’s, classified ads, pocket listings, and other proprietary sources. Each home meets a specific and carefully defined criteria that includes specific geography, style of property, year built, condition, beds and baths, and other important characteristics. No property is purchased site un-seen. We know all the important information about every property before we it is purchased.

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Six years ago I realized that my current retirement saving and investments would not get me the results I desired for retirement and I was dissatisfied with the inconsistent results of the stock market. I heard an add on the radio, attended an introductory meeting, and read Kris Krohn’s book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth. I had always been interested in real estate investing but it seemed like a complex field that would require a lot of knowledge in various areas so I had never pursued it previously. Finding out that I could have a whole team of experts doing almost all the work for me was exactly what I was looking for. The game plan assessment showed me how my low or non-producing assets could be turned into highly productive real estate that could multiply with time, eventually meeting my retirement needs.

My project manager is Rodney Beacham and he has been great to work with. He serves as my main point of contact and acts as a team leader, interfacing with all the other members of the team. I started off buying three homes in Las Vegas near the bottom of the market. They had great cash flow in addition to being an excellent equity play. I also partnered with a friend to buy a home south of Phoenix, Arizona. Subsequently I bought three local rent to own homes. After five years the Vegas properties had doubled in value and I sold them and started buying great cash flowing properties in Indianapolis. I have four so far. My project manager helped me decide on that market since I was getting closer to retirement and was more interested in having good cash flow in homes that I would keep in retirement than investing primarily for equity growth.

I got my real estate license and have tried my hand at flipping homes. After six flips I decided that the results were much less than I had hoped for. I also found it to be very risky and competitive. I decided the risk and stress was not worth it and I now plan on sticking to Done For You Real Estate. My plan is to start paying off the homes I have and live off the cash flow in retirement, perhaps adding a few more along the way. I highly recommend Done For You Real Estate USA to anyone looking to improve their retirement investing! It is a no brainer!

Wesley R. Brown, MD

My name is Carlton Neville. My interest in real estate investing started in my mid-twenties. I would watch infomercials on how to invest in real estate and eventually one day I decided to buy one of the courses. I was excited by the possibilities of investing in real estate could bring me. Unfortunately that course did not work for me.

More than a decade later I still had yet to buy my first Investment Property. I decided to attend a REIA workshop in July 2014 with the idea of trying to invest in real estate again. While there by sewer the presentation for the done for you real estate investing program. After watching the presentation my excitement was through the roof with what this program could do for me. So I sat down with William Moore was percent and information and we did a game plan assessment. When the assessment was done we set up a plan of action to buy my first property. I was even more excited!!

A few months went by as I was working on my plan I received a call from William Moore and he asked me if I’d be willing to partner on Investment Property as one of my strategies to buy my first investment homes. I said absolutely. We set up a conference call between myself my future partner in my project manager at the time Chris Milliner. He took time to describe how partnering in real estate could be very effective. He also described the process and setting up a partnership. He helped make sure that my partners goals and my goals were the same. In essence he walked us through the steps of creating a partnership.

In February 2015 I put my first Investment Property under the contract. In March of 2015 while on a ski trip in Utah I closed on that property. Five months after closing on my first Investment Property I closed all my second Investment Property in August 2015 with my second partnership. This time I closed with no money out of my pocket.

After years and years and years of not being able to buy an Investment Property within a span of one year at close on two and I couldn’t be happier!

I’ve told my family and friends about this program and I’m working on my third and fourth partnership later this year.

Carlton Neville

Hello, I am Stephanie D. Morris and because of Done For You Real Estate USA, I am finally a Real Estate Investor. My real estate journey began in 2005 with me buying my first real estate work at home program. Spent a lot of money and realized that the "support" was a weekly phone call from someone in Wyoming and not getting true support. After this first course I spent the next eight years going to real estate workshops, bootcamps and looking at webinars and reading books. I found REIANYC in 2011 which really gave support and honest information about the world of real estate investing. While the information was there, my mindset was not totally in the game. I was overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I had and was getting frustrated with the whole investing industry. I switched hats and became a real estate agent in 2013. Unfortunately this really wasn't my true calling and feeling frustrated and depressed I stopped doing real estate for two months. My mentor Teresa R Martin, founder of REIANYC, sent me a video about the Done For You model of buying real estate and I my thought was FINALLY this is what I am looking for.

In January 2015 I worked on my game plan with my project manager Jason Koford. He was extremely patient and accessible every time I had questions. Jason connected me with the attorney group who set up my LLC and partnership agreement with my money partner. By June the money was in place and Jason connected me with the Realtor in Florida. I chose Florida because of the growth in equity. The Realtor sent me a few houses and I worked through them with Jason and selected a four bedroom and three bath house. In August I closed on my first rental investment property!

This is a huge accomplishment because with the TEAM and support where they actually walk you through each step I am a proud owner. In eight months with the right Team, I accomplished what I did not do on my own in the ten years learning about investing.

Done For You is the way to go if you have a busy life and do not have the time to learn how to set up the team for yourself. Thank You for giving me a wonderful experience and a great start in building a legacy for my family!

Stephanie D Morris

My name is Yuji Banno. I first learned about DFYRE through a REIA meeting in New York I attended in June of 2015. I was impressed because they seemed to take the anxiety and the stress out of the investment process. If you were to invest in an out-of-state single family home on your own, you would never be able to do it with all the work involved as well as the issues and problems you would encounter. With DFYRE, you have on your side a working system in place that really streamlines the whole process for you and a project manager who works with you every step of the way.

Through a series of phone calls with my project manager Rodney Beacham I was able to get a general idea about how this works, and he also took the time to get to know me as well as answer all kinds of questions I put forth to him. The Game Plan Assessment was very useful as it helps you devise both short and long-term goals. The series of calls I had with Rodney really put my mind at ease in terms of better understanding the process and just having the feeling of being on the right track.

I had a choice between Florida, Indiana and Memphis and although I liked all three markets, I thought Memphis offered a nice mix of both cash flow as well as possible future gentrification/appreciation. After a few months I had a property in Memphis that cash flowed every month.

Rodney has been super helpful with everything and when he is busy or away his colleague Curt Cummings has stepped up to answer my email or call. Everyone I’ve dealt with at DFYRE has been very professional and courteous.

I am very happy with DFYRE and look forward to another property purchase in the near future. I have also recommended DFYRE to other members of REIA NYC.

Yuji Banno

My name is Felix Fuentes and for many years I was interested in knowing about real estate. I've always wanted to know about investing in real estate so after doing a little research I decided to attend a REIA meeting in New York City. I was blown away by the information shared and taken by the excitement in the room. The meeting was led by Attorney Teresa Martin and after listening to her I knew I had to be a part of that group so I joined REANYC.

At the end of 2013 I was introduced to DFYRE by Attorney Teresa Martin and right then I knew I'd found my real estate investing opportunity. I was so amazed by the program especially since I didn't have the time to do real estate investing (I worked in retail and had challenging hours.)

I was assigned my first appointment with my project manager Curt Cummings who explained the process and gave me a clear understanding of the bigger picture. I filled out a game plan which Curt assisted me with and together we were able to put a plan of action. I wanted a property that would have the ability to gain equity with time so my PM advised I purchase my first property in Orlando, Fl.

The whole process was very smooth, I even had my wife sit at the table with me as we signed contracts in my home in NYC! That was really cool. I am looking forward on making a next purchase soon, perhaps in Memphis or Indiana based on strategy and advise from my project manager. I definitely recommend DRYRE as a way to create wealth!

Felix Fuentes

​My name is Mathias Regist and my wife’s name is Jacqueline Regist. We have always had an interest in real estate, especially after purchasing and fixing up our first home. We did a tremendous amount of work on it ourselves while we worked our full-time jobs. It was a very slow and arduous task. However, the slow progress was still very rewarding as we looked at before and after pictures during the process. Once we completed the renovations and moved in with our family, it was such a great feeling of achievement knowing that we created a wonderful living environment.

This experience stimulated our interest in real estate and its potential in creating passive income as we began to watch a variety of real estate shows thereafter. This idea soon became a reality as we tried to emulate what we saw and then subsequently purchase a real estate program. The program was expensive, intense, and overwhelming, to say the least. We couldn’t seem to master all of its moving parts, so to speak. However, we didn’t want to fall into the statistics that states only three percent of the people who purchased a real estate program ever purchase real estate. Thus, we purchased our first investment property. The experience was educational but not pleasant as we faced issues that continually began to present themselves to us shortly after closing on the property. We became challenged with such items as; roof repair, frozen pipes, structural problems, missing appliances, and problem acquiring rents from tenants. This was our initiation into the world of real estate as investors.

We were frustrated but not defeated because we knew the value of having investment properties. Low and behold are local REIA (REIA NYC) introduced us to Done For You Real Estate(DFYRE) in January of 2015. Our project manager, Anthony Andelin, was phenomenal. He educated us on the whole process of purchasing properties in the hot markets. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and professionalism were very impressive. He entertained all of our questions. Anthony had a way of making you feel so comfortable diving into real estate because you now felt equipped to do so. Shortly after working with Anthony a new chapter in our life was turned. We decided to purchase real estate under his guidance. The first transaction was very smooth. We closed without ever having to leave our state and without actually visiting the property. We were so amazed with the process that we decided, once again, to purchase a second property a month later using the Done For You Real Estate model.

Working with Anthony Andelin has made us much better investors in a short space of time. As it is said, “Time is Money.” We have already begun to see the return on investment and to think that it all started with a game plan after being introduced to DFYRE. The game plan assessment was very instrumental in helping us to see what we could actually do now in terms of real estate investments. It helped us to layout realistic steps toward achieving our goals. We were able set both short term and long term goals for ourselves. The road map was clearly laid out and now all we have to do is stay on course as we invest in the hot markets.

Anthony was awesome at explaining the different markets such as the cash flow market and the equity growth market. In addition, he was able to articulate why they are considered hot markets. After learning about the markets we were able to make decisions, based on our game plan, to invest in the equity growth market first because we wanted to build our net worth. We will consider investing in the cash flow market later on down the road. We are so excited to be a part of this company. after having joined this company. We will continue to share and recommend DFYRE to more friends and family.

Mathias & Jacqueline Regist